The Serial Killer of Bush Street Part 8…-street-part-8/

Copyright 2014 MillieAnne Lowe, Orange County, California

Commander James Stetson, the big I Am, didn’t feel big at the moment. Escorted to the elevator from the third floor Intensive Care Units and then shoved out into the first floor lobby by  the three staff members who Stetson considered lowly hospital orderlies,  he scanned the lobby to see who might have viewed  his humiliating moment. Expecting the 24 cadets unloaded on him by Police Chief Logan, “For guidance into the “realm of excellence,” Stetson stood aside near the elevator doors and waited for the cadets to gather their gumption to come down to find him. His mind raced with his emotions.

Humph! They thought they got the best of me, but just wait. I’ll show everyone there’s more to me than they had ever imagined. They’ll be sorry!

As for the cadets, they were a stupid and wimpy bunch. At the first opportunity to defend their commander, they stood there with their mouths open, and wondered what action to take. Their mentality is still in their diapers! “Too young, too young,” I told the Chief, but he wouldn’t listen.

Ah, then there are those orderlies. Well, they’ve had their moment of being super heros. They won’t be working here very long any more. In fact, I’ll fix it so they can’t work. I still scared them. I gave them a good tossing around inside the elevator. Man did I make that car shake! Good thing they didn’t let go of me, or their faces would be like mud.

Stetson recalled when he demanded the orderlies to release him. “Let go of me this instance! Or, I’ll have your asses dismissed and charged with obstructing police procedures in an investigation!” They heard me. I saw their eyes bug out…even if just for a moment. They’re still afraid of me, and I’ll be back to bully them around and scare them again, too.

Those girls. Those three girls who think they are so cool. Jeanne, the one who’s got the big boobs, has a brash mouth like a ballpark fan. Her best friend, Krista, is skinny as a stick. Of course, don’t they come in pairs like that – one big and one small – opposites attract? Ha! I can break her neck like a matchstick.

However, the one I really want is slim and a natural beauty. Hayley. I got her right across the chest upstairs. It must still hurt. She has brains, good looks, and is her boss’s executive secretary. Her own big shot mode. She and Jeanne are our ticket to getting what we need to blow the port of San Francisco to kingdom come. They have no idea what my partner, Steele, can do. Hayley thinks her new friend, Eric, is going to save her, but she’s gonna learn he’s not going to, no matter how hard he tries. He’ll be so busy, he won’t have time for her. Watch out, Hayley. I’m coming to get you…”

He combed his fingers through his black hair and stole a glimpse in the gift store window. To his surprise, his boss, Police Chief Michael Logan was coming up behind him. He heard his name. “Commander Stetson!”

Stetson turned around, “Chief. Why are you…?”

“Don’t why me! What the hell have you been up to? Why are my nephew and his class of cadets doing here at the hospital?”

Stetson stood straighter and pulled back his shoulders. This is what he had been taught by his superiors when a cadet himself, so many years ago. “When you are about to be reprimanded or disciplined, stand straight with shoulders back and chest out!”

“Chief. I’m training them, sir.”

“By doing what? Watching you clobber a known associate in the room of an old woman who had been shot?”

Stetson sensed that people were overhearing and lingering to hear more of what should have been a private conversation.

“Sir, I brought them here in full uniform to comprehend the power of their presence in public. I wanted them to know what range of authority they would have behind their badges.”

At this point, nurses from the front desk had abandoned their station and were among the many who had gathered. Also in the midst of the growing crowd, one of the orderlies from the third floor stood among them. He heard what the Chief said, and he grinned from ear to ear.

Chief Logan walked toward the street windows. Stetson followed him, along with two of the Chief’s personal staff. A moment’s relief lifted off his chest. At least we are moving away from the crowd.

However, what the Chief Logan was about to say, was totally unexpected. “Commander James Stetson. From this moment on, the cadets will not be your responsibility. Report to my office tomorrow morning at 0800 hours. Also, you are dismissed from your responsibilities in the Serial Killer investigation.”

“What! No, you can’t do that.” Stetson moved around to face the Chief as he turned to leave. “I’ve got teams of men working for me on it right now. Putting someone else on the case will delay finding the killer!”

“That’s not your concern anymore. You are off the case. Furthermore, do not, absolutely do not ever, return to this hospital. Do you hear me? Now that’s final!”

Stetson tried to follow him but two of the chief’s staff stood in his way. “It’s over, Stetson. You’re done,” said one of them with a stone face. Then he pressed a button on his cell phone and within two minutes, all 24 cadets walked out of the elevator and left the building. They never looked back toward Stetson.

The crowd disbanded. Stetson stood alone, and stunned. The orderly had already gone up the service elevator to tell his comrades the humiliation he had seen the bully go through. The day shift nurses, relieved that The Commander would not be around harassing them any longer, couldn’t wait to spread the word for the night shift.

As Stetson contemplated his next move, a quiet river of revenge ran through his body. I’ll get even with every one of you.

He walked outside, hailed a taxi, and told the driver, “Take me to the corner of Bush and Powell. I’ve got some more business to take care of there.”

Copyright 2014, MillieAnne Lowe, Orange County, California

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