Wayne Thiebaud Exhibit at Laguna Art Museum

Hello to My Friends and Artists!
I just returned from a wonderful afternoon at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, California. My mentor, Robin Rogers Cloud, robincloud.com arranged for our sketching and watercolor classes to meet for a free docent-led tour to view some very special pieces by Wayne Thiebaud.
Do you know who he is? Does the thought of thickly frosted chocolate cakes, cupcakes, and pies – bring anything to memory? (Mind you, these are not the only things he paints!) If not, treat yourself to a delightful time of just viewing, learning, and enjoying his wonderful and delightful art.
This gentleman is now about 93 years old and is still painting beautifully. I heard today that he breaks rules, paints with a sense of humor, and that he paints with great imagination from memory…the only exception is when he paints portraits.
Google him and find many videos on YouTube. There’s one I saw today that was from a CBS interview…You’ll for sure see the close-ups on his cakes, cupcakes, and pies! When the tour was over I was very tempted to find a Marie Callendar’s for some lemon meringue pie…but on the way to my car, I was distracted by the ocean breeze views and finally came home to practice painting.

For those of you in Southern California, Wayne Thiebaud’s exhibit will only be at the Laguna Art Museum until June 1st. Make time for it if you love to draw or paint! lagunaartmuseum.org

4 thoughts on “Wayne Thiebaud Exhibit at Laguna Art Museum

  1. I opened your blog to see you are becoming another form of artist to add to your life experience. Congrats. Marta and I will try to go to Laguna Art Museum after your description. Linda Mo


    1. Terrific! The Laguna Art Museum is closed on Wednesday, but double check the schedule online. If you go on a Docent led tour, it is also going to be fabulous! There is a CBS interview with Wayne Thiebaud that is wonderful…you’ll be a fan like me! This interview can be seen online: Google Wayne Thiebaud and pick out the CBS interview from YouTube. I think this one is the best!
      Then when you seen his paintings up-close, I think you will also delight in his techniques: one of them being that the frosting looks so real, you’ll feel you can dip your fingers in it and have a delicious taste!


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