The Serial Killer of Bush Street Part 37

Copyright 2015, MillieAnne Lowe, Oceanside, California

Stunned by Aunt Robin’s cry for help and the telephone call from George, Eric dialed the Chief. “Chief, Robin’s in danger. Meet me outside. You drive.”


As he grabbed his jacket, Eric instructed his assistant, “Howie, you’re in charge. It’s a personal emergency. I’ve got the walkie talkie with me.” He ran out the bay doors and into a red sedan with the gold seal of California blazing on the front passenger door.

Fire Chief Greg Mullins flipped on flashing lights as Eric climbed in. “Tell me what’s happening.”

Eric held up his hand. “In a minute.” Static buzzed from the walkie-talkie, a dispatcher answered and Eric gave him the message. “This is Captain Eric Mahoney. Make this a double urgent relay to Detective Fontino. He is to meet me at my Aunt Robin’s house on Russian Hill right away. Yes, he knows the location. Tell him Robin needs us now. Over and out.”

As their car sped down the street, Eric took a few deep breaths. “My heart’s running in a race. I don’t know why but for some reason I felt the urge to telephone my aunt. She spoke in such a low voice. Then when she cried for help, the line went dead.”

“Okay, I’ve got’cha, but now try to calm down.”

“Chief, I don’t know what’s going on, but we’ve got to get there quick.”

“Hold on,” said the Chief in an even tone. “We’ll be there soon.”

Eric hung onto the dashboard as they made a right turn onto Hyde Street. “Thank God I’ve got the key to her house.”

“And, that she’s got a driveway for us to park,” added the Chief.

“What if we can’t get to Robin’s fast enough. God, if only we could fly like birds.”

“You don’t think birds can have heart attacks? Stay calm, Eric. We’re almost there.”

Eric’s teeth bit the inside of his lower lip as he prayed for his aunt’s safety. He did not want her to be a victim of the Serial Killer. He turned toward his closest friend, “If the fiend has changed his victim location, I pray it will not be in my aunt’s neighborhood.”

His heart kept trying to break out of its muscle restraints, Eric also had wild thoughts spinning through his mind. What if it is the Serial Killer there? He might have already harmed her. But what if he’s still there? What will I do? From what I’ve seen him do, he’s strong. Can I hope to beat him, capture him, or kill him? He has a rage, big-time, and he has a non-stop lust for killing. He’ll kill everyone and everything in his way, like how he killed that little dog. Eric shifted in his seat. His whole body alert to the danger potential. If he has hurt Aunt Robin, will I have the strength through rage to kill him?

The walkie-talkie buzzed and the dispatcher relayed a message from Detective Fontino. “Detective Fontino, Special FBI Agent Parker, and their men are on their way.”

Copyright 2015 MillieAnne Lowe, Oceanside, California

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