The Serial Killer of Bush Street Part 47

Copyright 2018 MillieAnne Lowe, Oceanside, California

Johnny had seen men in an alley beat up and old man before but he had not ever been so close to the danger of a possible murder. When he saw his new friend crash through the apartment door, a strong chill passed through his body. This feels like the night my father died. Death is near. Continue reading “The Serial Killer of Bush Street Part 47”

The Serial Killer of Bush Street Part 35

Copyright 2015 MillieAnne Lowe, Oceanside, California

Deep into the thicket of the Saratoga Hills frogs and crickets sang in harmony by the creek. The soft glow from the remaining embers in the fireplace of Robin’s home created shadows all around the living room. Haley, Jeanne, and Krista had fallen asleep exhausted upstairs in their shared bedroom. Continue reading “The Serial Killer of Bush Street Part 35”

The Serial Killer of Bush Street Part 34

Copyright 2015 MillieAnne Lowe, San Diego County, California

Alone, after her nephew, Eric, and his friend, Fire Chief Greg Mullins, had gone back to work, Robin stood by the television rubbing her forehead and twisting the channel selector one way, and then the other. “That’s the same stuff you told me this morning,” said Robin to no one but the television. “Well at least there have been no new murders by the Serial Killer,” she added. Continue reading “The Serial Killer of Bush Street Part 34”

The Serial Killer of Bush Street Part 28

Copyright 2015 MillieAnne Lowe, Orange County, California

Since his childhood, Steele had always thought that he and the darkness were one. In the darkness, away from the temptations of the women he found inadequate, he found comfort. The darkness served as a theater to visualize and relive his pleasurable memories and adventures. In the dark places of his mind, it served as a place to regenerate another murderous event. The darkness was Steele’s personal think-tank. Continue reading “The Serial Killer of Bush Street Part 28”

A Crack at Satan…

I recently saw something about a letter to Satan. I don’t know who wrote it but am trying to figure out if it was an assignment or someone’s daring thoughts so I could connect with it. Meanwhile, the idea has been gnawing at me ever since this morning, Thursday, June 19 2014. So here goes:

To the one who lives in darkness. Hiding, sneaking, prying, and deceiving, you are the dread of every mother who wants their child to grow up a good kid.

When I was a kid, and all the way through my young adulthood, I was lost – no where near the word of God. I didn’t know there was someone I could go to for understanding, forgiveness, and guidance. Without a mother’s love, all I had was a bitter father – a harsh disciplinarian. A father who thought beatings and humiliations would create the person he wanted me to be…subservient, and a person with low self-esteem.

My life amounted to nothing at one time, for a long stretch. You tempted me as I was starved for love, and you led me to be used by people for their advantage, and satisfaction. But no more! Not after God led me to the people who would take the steps of courage and speak to me about His type of love. It is unconditional, and it is forever.

My life had turned around for the best, though I stumbled even as I was learning. But, in the comfort and strength of God’s love, through His Son, Jesus Christ, who died for my sins and is my Savior, my faith has grown stronger each day.

And what good is faith in God, someone might ask. My personal experience is that it is the foundation built on love, freely given to me, (and to you). God loved me first before I even knew him. Then I learned the vastness of His power to do all things to protect me. There has been many pitfalls waiting for me, and in the ones I stumbled into, when I’ve called on Him, he’s pulled me out. But, one of the hardest lessons I think we, of new and old faith go through, is that God does things in His own timing. We are to surrender our misery, our problems, our lives to Him and then, with patience and perseverance, wait for the turning point that only God can provide.
He has saved me from further abuse that would’ve caused great emotional damage, He has delivered me from death’s door a couple of times. And over the past decade, I’ve learned that I’ve been a survivor by the grace of God, to serve Him by blessing others, either by words or by action.
So, evil one, take no pride in what chaos you have done to so many people. For God will always overcome the trials of His people, His children, and never leave us to suffer alone.
You, are doomed. And as I see you enact your reign of tragedy and terror on people’s lives, I recall a phrase…Misery loves Company.
I dare to share all this, my intimate testimony, because I want to love others as God has loved me.
MillieAnne Lowe