The Serial Killer of Bush Street Part 10 – Server Down!…10-server-down/

Hello to all my fans and followers!

I tried for more than 25 minutes to post on time, but because of a Server Down problem, I could not.

I’m really bummed! I’ve had a perfect daily posting record for Writing 101 assignments so far. What does this do to all my stats?

Meanwhile, I’ll leave my husband’s laptop and go back to mine and see if I can get on and post part 10 for you!



It’s 12:18 a.m. I tried to connect with my site on my own laptop and was not able to connect with the server for WordPress. All this doesn’t make sense to me. Why is his computer working and not mine?

I can tell you I’m not going to sleep easy tonight. I’ll watch something on my Kindle Fire HDX. Maybe that’ll help me wind down.

Oh, I did try opening hotmail and gmail but couldn’t reach their servers either. So I could not send Part 10 and use my husband’s computer to post tonight.

I’m sorry about all this. Does anyone have tips to help me figure this out, or how to circumvent such a problem in the future? Thanks!

Good night!


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