The Daily Post Challenge:  In 300 years, if you were to be named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be?

In 300 years, if named the patron saint of something, it would be this: Patron Saint of Friendship, Compassion, and Love. These virtues are as important to each person as the water they drink and the food they need to be strong.

Each person needs friendship in order to grow in knowledge, have someone to be their sounding board, and to encourage back and forth – sparring ideas and watching each other grow.

Compassion is the warmth of love that comes first – to feel the pain of another who has lost, in whatever way, then the actions of a truly caring person emerges. We give comfort and offer encouragement.

Love has many aspects, like a tall living tree with many branches. Love, filled with the qualities of friendship and compassion are the arms a lonely person can hold onto like an unexpected life raft in the midst of an ocean storm. This type of love gives hope, offers unconditional forgiveness to the sinful and broken, and encourages one to acknowledge a second chance at life. The presence of friendship, compassion, and love help to heal the broken and help them to stand tall with self-respect.

The combined efforts of these three virtues help humanity to survive and persevere. How else would each of us have survived, if there had not been someone with even one of these qualities to befriend us, to listen and encourage us, or to help us try again?


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