The Daily Post – Pick Your Gadget – Go For It!

The temperature had been 100 degrees all week long. Tired of the constant hum of the air conditioner at home, I sought the quiet and coolness under the shade of the elm trees. However, there was no relief there so I dash across the street to the electronics store. Who knows? There might be something here to change the monotony of my life.

On sale were the choices of a time machine, an invisibility helmet, or an anywhere door. All were expensive, but not if I just chose one of them.

This is fascinating, I thought. My mind spun from the ideas rushing in my head as I examined each one. All were easy to use, and all were colorful and not difficult to operate.

Considering the possibilities I would gain from each one was like being on an adventure. I thought, if I get the time machine, I could go back and be a child again and be with my mother. How wonderful it would be to feel her loving arms around me again. Being in her presence, I had always felt loved and safe.

However, if I chose the anywhere door, I could also travel without taking a plane and even be home in time for my boring job. I would go to Italy – or visit several family members who live on the east coast – all in one day!

Then I contemplated the invisibility helmet. I could be like Harry Potter! But do I have a heavy secret purpose that I would need to be invisible? Hmmm, making my choice was on the clock now, as the store was about to close. Pushing myself I decided that I didn’t want to be sneaky to overhear or see what others were doing; and that the anywhere door would get me places I’d like to go, but not to places where I had been and be with the people who are really out of reach now. My specific thoughts were about my mom, she had passed away a long time ago.

With that final thought, I knew I wanted the time machine! I paid with plastic, lugged home a huge box with all the parts, and soon finished assembling my new mode of transportation…to the past or the future.

My first stop was back to the past to visit my mom and I knew before I left that I just might not ever want to come back to the present. So, before I left, I put a note on the kitchen table – I’ve gone on an exciting trip. I’ve had a full life here, so I may never come back. Love and Blessings to everyone!

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