Confessions of A Writer…

While I have been busy setting up this blog and trying to make it perfect, the paperwork from my new stories, the mail, the new health plan brochures, class work, and critique group submissions, are all stacking up around me. I’ve attempted to discard the sticky notes and paper slips that I’ve quickly scrawled a new idea on, but as I start to type them into a file, my mind is racing with new story developments, and my fingers are trying to catch up – it’s like they are taking dictation. Twenty minutes later, looking for a spot to put my newly printed pages, I shove aside a pile of other great ideas and I am thinking There’s no time to go through these papers now. I’ll lose my train of thought!

Do these characteristics put me in line for membership to a Writer’s Addiction Group? I love writing but I do need organization. My tentative solution is from some advice given, and written about by an old friend who passed away a few years ago. My dear friend, Jean Lechner, wrote “Cleaning Your Corners.” Jean’s specific point was to take on one corner of the room at a time (but not all the corners in one day!). I remember seeing her in her writing spot at home and taking time to go through each treasured idea. She too, had to resist writing a new story right on the spot.

I have made time to clean my corners before, and enjoyed the moments as I bonded with old ideas. With this thought in mind, I am motivated to start cleaning my corners right now!

6 thoughts on “Confessions of A Writer…

  1. Have fun, Dennis because I find it to be a never-ending game of decisions! Remember to pace yourself with rest periods or you may be too exhausted to enjoy the results of Cleaning Your Corners!
    Happy Holidays!


  2. I can tell already that I like this blogger. I’m adding you to my favorites–bloggers that I want to check in on often. I feel inspired to clean out at least one corner.


  3. I love your blog, Millie. It has a warm, peaceful design that makes me want to stay awhile and read your posts. Some blogs are so cluttered with various forms of information, they make me feel anxious and my eyes never know where to land. It’s good to see that you’ve reached the point in your writing where it’s taking priority over many other things. It’s hard for most of us to reach that point. I look forward to reading more from you.


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