My New Adventure of 2013

While creating this blog and studying how things are done, I came across two people I may never have known. Today my life is richer for having found the writings of David duChemin, World & Humanitarian Photographer, in his piece on Thoughts on Done, and Mannix Flynn, Dublin City Councillor for South East Inner City Dublin, in his critique of the movie The Politics of Philomena.

To all my writing friends, I encourage you to read Thoughts on Done, it is inspiring. For all those concerned with issues of illegal adoptions and baby trafficking as myself, as I was a handed-over baby in the 1940s, Mannix Flynn’s critique The Politics of Philomena is forcefully thought provoking.

2 thoughts on “My New Adventure of 2013

  1. Thank you, Martha! It is wonderful hearing from you. I know you have been a busy writer this last year. I miss seeing you and hope to change that soon – I have more stories to share!


  2. I love the story of wanting to volunteer, but being in the wrong activity and how changing from cotton candy to hot dogs worked.
    I look forward to your childhood story about Chinatown.


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