A Different Way to Serve…

My husband and I had volunteered to help at the Harvest Carnival at Mariners Church in Irvine last night. The Cotton Candy booth was our assignment. Neither one of us had made cotton candy before. At first, we thought the machine was missing a part in the center, then when we got it going not enough of the pink puff built up. While sugared strands flew into the air toward the early evening sky, tiny puffs stuck to the paper cones we were using, and nothing was to our satisfaction. Why wasn’t it coming out like the ones we had seen at County Fairs?

As children with their parents lined up and were eager to give us a dollar for each finished cotton candy, I prayed and then used a walkie-talkie like phone to call for help. Other volunteers came. What we learned was that the machine had to be at the right temperature and we also had to give the machine time to build up quite a bit of pink fluff before attempting to catch it on the paper cone. This task takes patience. It’s hard, as my husband and I are people who are eager to please with quick and efficient customer service. I imagined that the little kids holding out their dollars were wondering, Where are those beautiful and fluffy cones of cotton candy!

We watched the more experienced volunteers make a few cotton candy cones. They got close to making some that looked just like the ones we admired from the County Fairs. I counted our blessings when asked, “Would you like to help elsewhere while we figure this out?” I quickly replied, “Sure!” I was too short to work the machine anyway. In order to see over the edge of the spinning bowl of sugar, I had to tiptoe!

One of the organizers in charge guided us to a booth serving Chili-Cheese Hot dogs, Cheese and Pepperoni Pizzas, Meat and Vegetarian Chili, Nachos, Water and Sodas. Wow, what a difference in the pace. From 5 p.m. to 8:40, a little over three and a half hours, I served over 168 hot dogs. My husband helped to serve more than 70 boxes of cheese and pepperoni pizzas. (This is my estimated count from just the one food stand we worked at.) I was tempted by the most delicious looking bowls of Nachos covered with Chili and cheese, but was saved by a fellow volunteer who kindly offered me a bowl of Vegetarian Chili on my break. I’m a bit overweight.

My husband and I had volunteered to help with an event that would raise funds to bless others, and in turn, we were blessed with a fun experience, made some new acquaintances, and saw the most delightful Trick or Treaters in their costumes. Parents and other family members were in toll. I must say, I also saw the most beautiful witch’s hats ever!

God provides help and matches us up perfectly, doesn’t He?

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